Marilyn's May Preview

Is It Really May Already?

May, from where I sit, seems like such an amazing month.

There’s so much going on and so much good that will come of it all. From our Vehicle For Change Program, to volunteer opportunities with the Boys and Girls Club, To my Cook Book, Mushrooms, and Moringa Supplement Line, I’m giving you the rundown on everything that’s going on for my partners and I this May.

painting supplies shot.png

Paint Beach-Bound Trash Cans with The Boys And Girls Club

This month you’ll find me spending my Tuesdays getting messy with the kids and crew over at the Boys and Girls Club. Bring some clothes you’re ready to  paint in and get creative with us from 4:30 til 6 at the Boys and Girls Club in Asbury Park. You don’t need to be Picasso or Monet to paint with us and the trashcans we’re designing will be used on the beach this summer!

two river mushroom shot 1.png

2 River Mushroom Company and Wave Of Balance Are In Full Swing

Ready to taste the most delicious organic mushrooms of your life? Be sure to check out 2 River Mushroom Company where my partners and I are working to bring you some out-of-this-world delicious, hyper-local, organic, and gourmet mushrooms. Check out our instagram page to feast your eyes on the beautiful colors and shapes our mushrooms take, and feast on the real thing the next time you stop into Langosta.

Ready to bring your body into better balance? Not sure where to start? Check out my Moringa Supplement line, Wave Of Balance. Moringa is the tree of life and whether you top your smoothie with our powder or take the supplements each morning and afternoon, you’ll know why once you try it out for yourself.

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Food And Drinks By The Water. What Else Is Spring For?

From live music to dining outside on the boardwalk, the pavilion restaurants have what you’re looking for as the weather warms up. Grab a taco and a margarita at Pop’s, see your favorite local band play at Asbury Park Yacht Club (APYC) or grab everything from sushi, to lobster to curry  at Langosta Lounge .

food truck shot 1.png

Have You Heard About Our Food Truck?

If you haven’t heard of our Food For Thought Food Truck, you can learn more here. The best way I can explain it is that we’re building a vehicle for change. Staffed with locals, able to provide just about any type of menu you can imagine, and with all proceeds going to a charity of your choice, we’re going to be rolling in to your next event to make a real difference in the community. We’re so excited to bring this literal vehicle for change to you soon.

But we can’t do it without you.

To learn more and to donate please visit the Food For Thought By The Sea page here.

One Last Thing…

Whether you’re ready to get serious about your wellness with my Wave of Balance products or want to give back to your community by donating your time with the Boys and Girls Club,  I’d love to have you get involved and make things happen with me this May!