New Year And New Wine

Welcoming Change and Some Vinho Verde

The New Year Is Upon Us….

I hope to bring you a sense of adventure and exploration with this blog so that you can get out there and explore!

Welcome to the beginning of change at Langosta Lounge. Though the seasonal shift pulls us like the tides outside our windows, here on Ocean Ave, most of my inspiration for change comes from my travels.

I recently returned from a visit to Portugal. One of the biggest takeaways from my trip was that I can slow down and savor the moment. When we take the time to slow down and savor the moment, we open up the opportunity to take in new experiences. Two of my favorite experiences to savor are good food and good wine. Both of which were found in abundance in Portugal.

In Portugal, the dairy is unpasteurized and GMO free. This gave the cheese an amazing flavor - even the milk in our coffee seemed to bring our morning cuppa to this heightened sense of umami. Unfortunately, we can’t replicate this delicious experience here in the U.S. But we can bring back some of the wine!

While in Portugal we attended the Wine in Azores festival where over 25 Azorean wines were showcased. There, I had some of the best vinho verde I’ve ever had and you can now come on in and sample my latest find at Langosta Lounge!

The popular misconception about vinho verde is that it’s a grape. But it’s actually a region in Portugal. The Vinho Verde wine region starts just below the Portuguese-Spanish border, and extends all the way to the coastal city of Porto in northwest Portugal.

Vinho Verde is created mostly by a blend of grapes found in the region. The wines can be red or white. In the states, white vinho verdes are most popular. White vinho verdes are light, crisp, and most widely known for their effervescence.

The way vinho verde opens your palette and leaves your mouth watering makes it a perfect accompaniment to the holidays - as it will keep you gobbling up all your delicious turkey and stuffing and other winter meal treats!

Now that I’ve got you craving something new, delicious, and delightful: Come in to Langosta Lounge to try my favorite  Vinho Verde and share in my memory of the wonder of Portugal! You may even find yourself setting off on an adventure to the wine’s native land so you can make a vinho verde memory of your own!