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Marilyn And The Many, Many Hats

I tend to wear a lot of hats. I’m a chef, mom, community builder, entrepreneur, surfer, world traveller... and the list goes on. I've run restaurants, helped to organize community members to visit disaster-impacted areas in other countries, and created a non-profit. I've traveled the world, cooked across several continents, and taught people around the world about elevated hospitality. Like I said, I've worn many hats. But the craziest thing about writing to you all today is I can now add author to that list of hats.

I struggled a bit with this "writer" moniker at first.  "I'm not a writer." I'd argue to myself. But it's getting harder and harder to make that argument now that the book is in my hands.

One of my hats, as I mentioned, is that I'm a mother. I have two silly, sassy, awesome daughters. And it's always been important to me that I not set limits on their potential. So, I'm learning that I also need not limit my own potential either.  And I'm growing. I'm learning.I'm breaking down my own preconceptions of my "limits" each day and I hope we all learn to do the same. This book, as it rests beside me on the table, is evidence of my potential and I am so excited to share it with you!

Today I'll give you a glimpse into Feed This Community. I'll share where you can pick up your copy and share how doing so will make an impact in the community.

Feed This Community: The Cookbook For People Who Crave Something More Than A Cookbook

Writing this book was, as many authors tritely (and rightly) say, "a labor of love". I was driven to create a new way to give back to the communities I love, including my own (more on that in a bit...). I knew a cookbook could help me do that, but I've never thought of myself as a writer in the formal sense. And, as a self-taught chef who favors flavor over formality, a predictable recipe book seemed out of alignment with who I am. Even so, there is a certain magic in doing the impossible. I knew how to make a cookbook. I had read recipes in hundreds. But I found the challenge and the magic, not in making "a cookbook", but in creating MY cookbook.

The process of creating my cookbook was one of learning the rules and breaking them. Much like my experience as a chef and entrepreneur, I learned the formulas and the boundaries. I knew that I could make one of those  "family style" large serving cookbooks. I could make a cookbook focused on a specific meal, like dinner. I could even make a cookbook driven by a particular type of food, like seafood. We've all seen those formulas used by some amazing chefs. There is nothing wrong with those formulas nor the people who use them. But I knew those kinds of cookbooks worked. I knew that I might one day create something like that. Heck, I was even pretty sure that, if I made one like that, it might really sell!  But I also knew, deep down, that this was not my path. Not for my first cookbook. I knew that this book was different. I knew that it must be different. And I could not wait!

In Feed This Community I cover everything from the perfect tools to use in your kitchen, to how to create some lovely lavender truffles. I'll teach you to pour that perfect Sazerac, how you can craft a mouth-watering lobster enchilada with mole that is to-die-for,  and I'll explain what Australians call breakfast (and how I feel about it.). By the time you finish Chapter 7 you'll have a pile delectable restaurant recipes in your back pocket. (And you'll know what it means when patrons and friends call one of my restaurants "the mothership".) Needless to say, when you pick up my cookbook, you get a hearty helping of Marilyn along with it.

With all of its stories insights and thoughtful tips, you're sure to find your reason to keep on reading. So, while it is a cookbook in the legal sense, (There are recipes you'll adore and you'll learn to make them!) this one is unlike any other recipe book that may line your shelves at home.

Another Reason To Pick Up The Book: Feed This Community Gives Back To The Community

One of the first things I thought about when I decided to create a cook book was, "Who can I help by doing this?"  It's just how my mind works. And I don't just want to raise money. Money's great, of course. But I want make an impact, create change, and raise awareness. So, whether you're gifted with time, with money, or with both,  I invite you to pick up a copy of Feed This Community. When you do, you'll be supporting twelve amazing organizations. You can learn more about them here (LINK).

These organizations and the people who work in and with them each day are helping to create strong, thriving, creative, and connected communities. These organizations have dedicated themselves, in many different ways, to this connection and it is a true privilege to use the sales of my book to support each of their missions and visions.

Charity comes from a selfless place and we can foster good in our communities with small, selfless, and charitable acts. I know this is true because I've been lucky enough to live it. And today I invite you to grab your cookbook and put your charitable kindness into action too!

Where To Get Your Copy

You can pick up your copy of Feed This Community in person at:

Words! Book Store

623 Cookman Ave

Asbury Park, NJ 07712


Langosta Lounge

1000 Ocean Ave

Asbury Park, NJ 07712

You can order your copy online at:  https://www.marilynschlossbach.com/cookbook

The Story Continues...

I’m stoked that you can now grab your copy of my cookbook!

Be sure to check out the second part of this post here and learn more about the organizations who will receive the proceeds from the sale of my book.

Oh, and don't forget to pick up your copy of the cookbook here!

Frogs And Fishes,