Feed This Community: The Organizations Receiving Book Sale Donations

Feed This Community: The Organizations Receiving Book Sale Donations

Today I’d like you to meet the organizations with which the sales price of my book will be shared. These organizations offer so much time, attention, service, kindness, and support to their local communities and supporting them is a small way to give back a piece of what they’ve offered their communities and the world. It's an awesome honor to give back and I invite you to do the same.

When you purchase my book you are providing support to these awesome organizations and to the communities they serve. You are making an effort to Feed This Community!

If you’re interested in getting your copy now click here.
To read my recent post about the cookbook itself, click here.

Now on to our amazing organizations!

Kula Café

Kula Cafe is a social enterprise addressing high unemployment and mismatched training and employment market needs in the Asbury Park area. Encompassing a workplace skills training program, the cafe operates as a business and community gathering place for the West Side neighborhood. Every meal purchased by patrons generates revenue which supports the Kula Cafe’s ongoing mission.
I mentioned the genesis of Kula Cafe in my blog about my Maui surfing retreat. You can check that out here:
You can also learn more about Kula Cafe and plan your visit here:

Mary’s Place By The Sea

Mary’s Place By The Sea has a beautiful mission. Mary’s place seeks to provide a place for women to heal from cancer: mind, body, and soul. It was created in 2009 to give women a place to go during and after treatment to quiet themselves, breathe easier, listen to their bodies, nourish their souls, and gain a new perspective on their Dis-Ease. They weave carefully thought-out services such as oncology massage, reiki therapy, nutritional counseling, journaling and one-on-one counseling into a 1-3 day free program individualized for each guest. They are embraced and supported by our community and have now served over 4,000 women from the tri-state region! Each day is a gift to be surrounded by so many courageous people.

You can learn more about Mary’s Place By The Sea by visiting their site here.

The Food Bank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties (Fulfill NJ)

The Food Bank of Monmouth And Ocean Counties is the primary provider of food and services to a network of over 300 partner agencies. together, we support more than 10 million meals annually including 1.8 million pounds of fresh produce. We serve individuals and families in need and reach 1 in 10 people in Monmouth and Ocean Counties. The  Food Bank is a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to alleviate hunger and build food security in Monmouth and Ocean Counties. We receive the highest ranking of 4 stars from Charity Navigator and are a member of Feeding America. Ninety-six cents out of every dollar raised supports food and programs. A $1 donation can provide up to 3 meals. The goal is to feed the food lines and shorten them.
You can learn more about the Food Bank here.

Community Affairs And Resource Center

The CARCNJ mission makes mention of the organization’s desire to empower their community and grow strong youth and families by promoting self-sufficiency. This mission is pursued through education, advocacy, and collaboration.  This mission is accomplished by the implementation of a variety of approaches including domestic violence victims assistance, health services, homelessness prevention programs, youth programs, and more. For example, we offer resources to domestic violence victims by providing advocacy, assistance and various support services. Our education and class-related resources are still growing and we also offer a youth program through Red Bank Regional High School. We offer a number of homelessness prevention programs including utility assistance, grants, and food stamp assistance.
Check out all the amazing information and resources that CARCNJ offers here .

The Surfrider Foundation

The Surfrider Foundation dedicates itself to protecting and enjoying the world’s waves, oceans, and beaches. The mission is driven and pursued through a powerful activist network. The Surfrider mission involves engaging environmental experts to develop solutions, engaging local and national resources, protecting the coals, and using local Surfrider chapters understanding with a national perspective. Surfrider uses 84 cents of every dollar donated directly in its programs and campaigns. In addition, 13 cents becomes invested in generating future donations. Three cents is provided to cover administrative and operating costs. Every cent is truly used to move toward the Surfrider vision of fully protected coasts.

To learn more about Surfrider visit them here.  

The Center in Asbury Park, Inc.

The Center in Asbury Park, Inc. is a not-for-profit service organization made up of volunteers who proved support services for people who are living with HIV/Aids and their caregivers. The Center offers its clients and volunteers a safe haven in order to instill a sense of community and stability in their lives.  The center offers housing, nutrition, and education services along with referrals, transportation, and other relevant services. Housing programs include a residence for 25 individuals living with HIV/Aids, emergency housing for people without permanent housing, and rental and utility subsidies to prevent people from becoming homeless. Nutrition-related services include meals to go, a food pantry, Sunday dinners each month, and daily lunch programs. The center provides empowering referral services and transportation for relevant medical needs. The Center offers all of these things in order to provide care, respect, and stability to all who make use of their resources.

You can learn more about The Center here.

Purr’n Pooch Foundation For Animals

The Purr’n Pooch Foundation For Animals offers grants to, no-kill animal and marine mammal rescue and welfare organizations and non-profits. The grants awarded are to be used for the day-to-day operations of those resources. They offer emergency relief, spay/neuter efforts, and veterinary care. The Foundation also provides veterinary care, construction vehicle purchases, construction services, educational programs, and other project resources. The Foundation raises funds through fun special events for all ages, people, and pets. Events like a run/walk, a dog-friendly gala, and collection drives help to provide funds for grantmaking work for the Foundation. One of it’s most beloved events is the Foundation Grantee Breakfast. There, the unsung heroes of charities spend time in friendship and celebration and are presented with their grants.

To find out more about Purr’n Pooch Foundation For Animals visit the site here.

Clean Ocean Action

Clean Ocean Action’s goal is to improve the water quality in waters off of the New Jersey/New York coast. The goal is pursued using research, education, and action by citizens to empower others and to convince elected officials to clean and protect the oceans. This strong coalition of one-hundred-and-twenty environmental, student, women, business, and other groups works to identify pollution sources and address these sources. Whether it be through research, public action, or political action, Clean Ocean Action works to clean and protect the coast an oceans every day.
To find out more about Clean Ocean action check them out here.

Lakehouse Music Academy

Lakehouse Music Academy is a progressive music school that offers group performances and individual student lessons. Lakehouse's programs are committed to the development of comprehensive musicianship for every student at each level, regardless of age. Lakehouse Music Academy desires to engage and enrich student’s experience with the promotion of composition, collaboration, scholarship, and performance.  Lakehouse values their community and the ability of music to improve the human condition. The team teaches around the needs and strengths of each student and aims to build a community where any musician can feel at home.

Lakehouse Music Academy is active in our local community supporting live music and live music venues as well and encouraging its students to be dedicated and creative in their musical endeavors. Lakehouse’ offsite programming includes a Hip Hop Institute at the  Boys and Girls Club of Monmouth County in Asbury Park where students can explore three programs that explore record label basics, audio engineering, and hip hop dance. Offsite programming in conjunction with The Asbury Park Music Heritage Foundation provides underprivileged youth in our area access to wonderful music instruction where there had not been a program The after-school component also serves to ensure the safety and engagement of at-risk youth.  

To review all of Lakehouse’s off-site resources you can click here .

The Boys And Girls Clubs of Monmouth County

The Boys And Girls Clubs of Monmouth County offer safe places for youth in Monmouth County to receive programs and services that support them in reaching their full potential.  The Boys And Girls Clubs offer safe environments, hope, opportunity, personal and character-development programs, and offer supportive and on-going relationships with caring and dependable adults. Young people who need it most receive engaging programs and supportive interactions in order to develop their sense of themselves as productive, caring, and responsible people.  

To learn more about the  Boys And Girls Clubs of Monmouth County click here.

Waves For Water

Waves For Water works to provide clean drinking water to communities in need around the world. The organization has also coordinated disaster relief efforts in Indonesia and Haiti. Post-tsunami relief has been offered in Japan, Pakistan, Brazil, and here in the US(including after Hurricane Sandy). Waves For Water works with world leaders and their strategic partners to make global change a reality. Waves For Water was founded by Jon Rose.  I mention Waves For Water in my Nicaragua blog which you can find here.
To learn more about the work that Waves For Water Accomplishes you can click here.

Food For Thought By The Sea

Food For Thought By The Sea develops creative outlets, social awareness, and positive learning environments for today’s youth. The organization’s philanthropic endeavors are achieved through programs that foster healthy relationships and learning opportunities that aid in life-long development.

If you’re ready to learn more visit Food For Thought By The Sea here.