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Snow in March and Dinner In Nicaragua

I woke up this morning thinking about balance. I found myself thinking about how much I will appreciate warm summer days after icy and bitingly-cold ones like today. There's a certain joy that comes when the weather breaks because a cycle is ending, another is beginning, and new joys are coming. Even as I sit here with snow coming down in March, I couldn’t be more excited for the spring. There’s an electricity in me that can’t wait to share something awesome with you!

The “Not So Well” Wellness Cycle

I guess I should see if you’re going to be as excited as I am, right? Only seems fair. So, let me ask you: Have you ever wished to be calmer? Less stressed? Have you ever wished to feel more energized or more focused?

If you’re anything like me, you have. And maybe you tried things like caffeine or energy drinks. Maybe you got into the cycle of taking something to help you sleep and in the morning something to wake you up and get your energy or mood in check.

Maybe this cycle works for a few weeks but then you skip a coffee, get a migraine, spend an unproductive afternoon on the couch, and try again the next day.

Or maybe you’re a Rockstar at keeping this cycle. You grab a coffee on your way to work, pop a melatonin in the evening and repeat the next day. Sure, you could keep this going, but it’s not got you feeling all that healthy. You just don’t feel like it’s adding to your wellness routine at all.

You may find yourself in a “keep it going” cycle. The thing about that cycle is that it’s often giving you a sort of “take A for this symptom and B for this symptom” approach. It’s not giving you what we need to have healthy and sustainable mood, energy, and focus. It doesn’t have you feeling balanced. It doesn’t have you riding the waves of life and it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

You can choose to feel more balanced in your energy, focus, and mood each day.

I know, because I had a dinner in Nicaragua once. And that dinner and it changed my life.

About That Dinner In Nicaragua

So, I found myself at dinner in Nicaragua one evening discussing food, of course, with some friends ( To read more about this amazing trip click here).

I had been to an awesome little smoothie bar earlier that day and had grabbed myself something new to try. I asked my friends what they knew about the stuff they put in my smoothie. It was this “new-to-me” food called Moringa.

An Impromptu Moringa Lesson

I was expecting the usual “It’s the newest fad for the tourists,” or “It’s glorified kale,” . I was expecting something to let me know that I had fallen into a tourist trap of sorts. But what I found was my friends telling me about the superfood that landed in my smoothie. They mentioned how growing it gives work to the farming community. They described how it was full of antioxidants and loaded with nutrients.

At dinner I learned that Moringa helps battle malnutrition in other countries. It offers sustainable farming opportunities in Nicaragua. And it's also a daily tool for energy, focus, and mood elevation.

I learned that those who grow Moringa (and those who use it daily) call it the “Tree of Life”. It definitely earned that name. It’s this superfood tree that grows fast, is super leafy, resists drought and loves warm climates. So, Moringa is often a tool for addressing malnutrition in the developing world.

Moringa is full of bioactive plant compounds and current research explores Moringa's application to antibiotic and cancer treatment, its impact on blood pressure, its impact on immune response, and how it addresses blood sugar response.

Current research aside, there are some things I do know:

Moringa is overflowing with antioxidants, energy-boosting power, an ability to help with GI balance.

The Birth of Wave of Balance

That was enough to have this community-conscious chef excited, but it got even better. My friends knew a local Moringa farmer and I began to get the feeling that this was meant to be. I met with this farmer one afternoon in Nicaragua and also met a man by the name of Mr. Soon that day too. Mr. Soon and I hit it off so well that he and I began a business relationship. We were ready to bring Moringa back to our home countries.

It was then that I created Wave of Balance, a Moringa supplement company with a conscience.

When I first decided to bring Wave of Balance to my little corner of the world, I gave out samples to friends and loved ones. I thought I’d have to check in with them in a few months to see how they were doing. But what happened instead is that they began to tell me what was going on with them.

Some felt a little pep in their step and others said they were sleeping better. Some reported their skin felt smoother and others had made it through the winter without a bout of the flu. Moringa (with its antioxidants and nutrients) was helping them. It was addressing their greatest areas of imbalance. While that’s awesome for them, now it’s your turn.

Wave of Balance: Cutting Through The Noise On Your Way To Wellness

You have so many choices when it comes to your daily routine. And there can be a lot of noise out in the world telling you what you need to live a life full of wellness.

Wave of Balance is here to cut through that noise and offer you a simple way to care for your body every day.

If you’re ready to give Wave of Balance’s Moringa Line a try click here.

Looking for a delicious way to use your Wave of Balance Moringa Powder? Click here to grab the recipe for a magical Moringa smoothie.