We started on the mainland - surfing the coast from Montanita to the pristine and empty spots along the coast. Then we hooked up with our friends, Mia and David to find not only the best breaks but the most amazing aloe massage and chocolate cheesecake (It was to-die-for ….Who would of thought?)

When the surf has died or you’re just plain wiped, head to the beach for ceviche right out of the sea and a grande Pilsner to wash it down. Stay out of town at the Casa Del Sol ($20 a night and includes breakfast) Just make sure you get a second floor room. If you want to be closer to the sea, Randy's friends in front of the Casa have cute little cabinas ($30 a night but go ahead and splurge) Randy can also arrange to pick you up and take you back to the Airport. The flight gets in late but I suggest taking the ride to the sea and waking up with the sound of waves, not traffic...

If you go into town - check out the Funky Donkey for the best Caparihna in town. The food is made with flavor, love, and a grill right in the middle of the patio. Don't forget you are in South America so the wine’s cheap and plentiful.

Wherever you find yourself, remember to enjoy your adventure!