Surf Sun Sayulita

Tacos, Surf, and Sun in Sayulita, Mexico

Back tracking a bit to find the best taco via Pacific Mexico.

Surf and sun aside, the coast north of Puerto Vallarta is place to begin searching for the best taco stand. The little sleepy town of Sayulita is a great place to start. Ivan's Tacos on the main road will keep you craving but only after 6pm. What's a girl to do all day long?

Head to Tacos Vicki in La Penita.

La Penita hosts the Thursday Market, so take the drive from Vallarta or Sayulita early on Thursday and walk the main road by the bus station with your eyes peeled for Tacos Vicki. The Thursday market can fill your rental up with anything your heart desires. Personally, I find the end of the walk through the market yields the best finds. I picked up a candelabra on the first trip and when I returned I was on a mission for a vintage Mexican mortar and pestle and walla. The same candelabra man hooked me up!

There are many options for accommodations in Sayulita. The second time we chose the Sayulita Trailer Park. If the view is what makes your spot 4 stars, and you love opening your front door to coffee and chest high surf, this is paradise. If you want the works, opt for a private rental for whatever suits your needs. is the site for whatever you need. When you get sick of Tacos, head to Rojo Dragon for the absolute best fried rice outside of China. (I am not kidding.) Happy hour 2-for-ones set the mood for any evening and the staff is the friendliest in town. (Look for the music schedule so as not to miss the live Reggae night.)

Go to Dorado Rentals and rent an old Thing or Volkswagen Bug. Then take the ride to La Lancha and walk the heavenly white sand beach. Bring your board and if it is too small go the the Palladium resort and walk the secret path to Burros....

Adventure awaits! Go for it!