Enjoying The View From Vieques, Puerto Rico       

So here I am sitting poolside sipping a cold frosty beer watching the waves roll in.

Yes, there is surf in Vieques....

Bravos De Boston couldn't be a finer place to unwind. Stop in town early morning for some fresh pastries and possibly a cerveza, if you are so inclined. Not sure of the name of the joint, but just go to the center of Isabella. Look for the lazy days of Cuba when sitting on the stoop chillin was a perfect way to enjoy a sunny day. Don't ask for anything fancy just straight up is how they poor it here and at our other favorite watering hole, El Sombrero. 

Don't let the drunken chatter fool you, the wine selection in the back (temperature controlled room) is the furthest thing from shabby. The prices on the Don Piedro can''t be beat. Try the two star, it's lighter.

If you are hankerin’ for some Labrador ribs head to the Blue Crab and your whole experience will bring you back to Normandy.

If you want to try something off the beaten path (even for Vieques) head over the Barefoot Bistro and have Nicole whip up whatever comes in that day.

Now for my favorite part: Pack some Coronas in the cooler and bring a couple strawberries ( the crabs are fascinated by them) and head to Garcia Gate for some of the most beauteous sandy coves you will ever set your eyes on. Stop at Blackbeard’s snorkel shop and pick up gear and a guide to the beaches and explore.

Get Abe on the horn and take the trip to Bio Bay. His humor and knowledge with take you to another place. Just don't forget the eco-friendly bug repellent ( eucalyptus and baby oil seems to do the trick)

If you want to surf, go to the North and drive to the Vieques Humane Society. Make a donation the head to the beach by the horse track. if you need to rent a board, Playa Valatos in Isabellas rents boards and the guy is super nice!

If you can swing renting the the Bravos Boys - just do it.

Off season is definitely quieter, but private beaches and discounted rates will leave you whipping up your own little cucina in a beautifully appointed kitchen . We just finished a garlic, onion, tomato and gouda frittata layered with the mofongo from last nights doggie bag. Sitting on the patio looking at a rainbow over the horizon sipping some wonderful Caribbean coffee while wondering if we have the energy to do much more than this. I don’t think we really need to….