Hurricane Rick

Hurricane Rick on the Mexican Coast

We drove up the coast to Todos Santos for some homemade Damiana liquor and Sea of Cortes sea salt to carry home. If you get the chance to venture to the cape - make sure you indulge in some Damiana for your margarita. Damiana is an herbal tea as well which settles the tummy and those womanly monthly pains as well as boosts the fertility hormones.

The best reason for the trip up the coast to Todos Santos is the return sunset stop at Art and Beer.

I had a pure, au natural pina colada right up there with my Galapagos cocktail.

Since Hurricane Rick was hanging over us, we spent many hours watching the powerful surf and sipping on some wonderful Mexican rose’. Who would have thought we could enjoy local wines on the Mexican coast?

Of course we indulged in the local tacos at Gardenia's by the McDonalds in Cabo as well as our new find in San Jose - Taqueria Mexico!

If you travel to San Jose in the winter months, check out the new local farmer's market on the outskirts of town and take the drive up the east cape to Cabo Pulmo for some snorkeling.

We didn't get to check it out, but Sandy's Restaurante on the highway to the airport has a very traditional dished called camerones agua chile. Next time, I suppose…

One last tip: Try Tequilas for a very soothing garden experience. Great lighting and ambiance!