Gobi Sunset: Drink In The Adventure No Matter Where You Are

The Details

This drink is named for the trip I took to the Gobi Desert in Mongolia.

What I love most about this refreshing sipper is that every time I smell it, I’m back to the breathtaking place that inspires it. I hope that this recipe inspires you to create your own adventures, wherever you may be.

To read more about my Off-The-Grid adventures in Mongolia (including how I taught the staff of a world-renowned lodge about elevated hospitality using a cookbook and not a translator…) click here to visit the blog.

So, about that drink…

Gobi Sunset


1 part white tequila

1 part peach nectar

1 part passionfruit nectar

A float of black currant with the seeds

What You Do

Shake the tequila and juices together.

Then float the currant on top so the seeds float thru like a bright orange and purple sunset.

Feel Free To Get Creative

Serve this one up in the glass of your choice, close your eyes, take a sip, and enjoy!